English Lyrics

In the land of red, a mother and child lived,
A life bound by darkness, where freedom is hid,
They dreamt of a life where they could be free,
A life filled with hope, where their souls could break free, yeah

Through shadows and secrets, they made their escape,
Crossed borders and rivers, their lives to reshape,
But the struggle continued in the land of the brave,
Where dreams turn to nightmares, and hope starts to fade, yeah

Ooh, they're fighters, strong as the wind that blows, Ooh, they're survivors, with hearts that never close, Through the darkest nights, they find the light, They'll rise above, and keep the fire burning bright

[Verse 2]
In the hush of night, under a silvery moon,
The mother held her child, humming a tender tune,
With every step, her resolve grew strong,
In a world that told her she didn't belong, yeah
Through valleys of fear, over mountains of despair,
Her love was a beacon, in the cold night air,
In lands unknown, with every challenging stride,
Her heart was a fortress where hope resides, yeah

Ooh, they're warriors, in the face of the unknown,
Ooh, they're dreamers, with a strength all their own,
Even in the darkest hours, their spirit shines, Together they stand, transcending the binds.

Letras Española

En la tierra roja, una madre y su hijo vivían,
Una vida atada por la oscuridad, donde la libertad se esconde,
Soñaban con una vida donde pudieran ser libres,
Una vida llena de esperanza, donde sus almas pudieran liberarse, sí
A través de sombras y secretos, escaparon,
Cruzaron fronteras y ríos, para dar forma a sus vidas,
Pero la lucha continuó en la tierra de los valientes,
Donde los sueños se convierten en pesadillas, y la esperanza empieza a desvanecerse, sí